Virtual internship

virtual internship is a work experience where the participant ( intern ) earns experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

Virtual interns communicate With Their use online through various means clustering Including email, Skype , Whatsapp , instant messaging, phone calls, webinars , project management tools, SMS (text) messaging, etc.

Virtual internships are undertaken by both students and graduates. The most common virtual technologies in the following areas: Information technology; Software development; marketing; Social Media; Research; Writing; Journalism; Media; Pre and post event planning; Video creation and editing; Human Resources; Graphic Design; Search Engine Optimization and Marketing; Some non-profits and government internships; Some political internships; Some engineering internships; And Some public relations internships. [1] The West African Academy of Public Health operates a virtual internship program with mentoring cascade for recent graduates in Global Health The “WAAPH VIP” as it is called, Engages youths in health care, health and social services. [1]

According to career experts, although virtual internships are currently rare, they are growing in popularity due to improving technology and the growth of social media. [2] A summary of the main findings of this study. Larger companies are also starting to explore offering these types of internships. [3] They are presently most popular among small businesses and online businesses. [4]

Columbia University is launching the first virtual college campus in 2009.

The US Department of State operates the Virtual Student Foreign Service program. [5] As of 2012, 343 eInterns have worked with US diplomatic posts in 97 countries. [6]

Virtual internships have been criticized for not providing the supervision and guidance that internships are meant to provide. [7]

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