Versatilist is a person who can be a specialist for a particular discipline, while at the same time being able to change to another role with the same ease. Citation needed ]

The term “versatilist” was first coined in an article from Gartner , Where It states That “Versatilists are reliable to apply a depth of skill to a Progressively widening scope of situations and experiences, Equally at ease with technical issues as with business strategy.” [1]

It is a good thing to be able to use this type of employee.

To illustrate this using a mathematical concept, the versitilist has a higher area under the curve rating. Think of a person having some knowledge in 15 knowledge areas. (Score 4) in 3 areas, a level of competency (score 3) in 5 areas an introductory level of competency (score 1) in 4 areas and no competency . This creates an area under the curve of 34. This is a very special place. This is also a 1 or 3 in every area. Citation needed ]

This breadth of knowledge and experience is what allows faster changes to other roles. Citation needed ]

Also known as

  • Generalizing Specialist [2]
  • Technical Craftsperson
  • Renaissance Developer
  • T-shaped person: See The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley
  • Master Generalist

See also

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  • recruitment


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  2. Jump up^ Generalizing Specialists – Improving Your IT Skills

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