University of California, Washington Center

UCDC (an acronym that stands for “University of California-District of Columbia”) is an internship program sponsored by the University of California, which places undergraduates in Washington, DC , The Washington, DC campus of the University of California. The Center also houses the offices of the University of California Office of Federal Governmental Relations.

The University of California, Irvine created the UCDC program in 1982 with four undergraduates. The program soon gained popularity throughout the University of California system, and currently offers two distinct programs. The most competitive program is the UCDC Fall Internship Program, which places students in full-time internship positions from September to December. There is also a program in the winter / spring semester, which places students in full-time internship positions from January to March or April. Alternatively, the UCDC Academic Year Program hosts students for one quarter / semester between September to June, depending on which UC campus the undergraduate comes from. This program hosts about 20 or fewer students from each campus, Each semester and semester and full-time internships with a course-load of required lectures, electives, and seminars. This program has several prominent alumni in politics, business, and journalism.

The center hosts students from guest aussi Including institutions: the University of Western Australia , University of Sydney , University of Pennsylvania , the University of Michigan , Carnegie Mellon University , and Washington University in St. Louis .

UCDC also allows regular guest lectures and a number of social activities. Resident Advisory Council. Residential Advisory Council. Residential Advisory Council. Additionally, students may freely tour Washington, DC, and travel across the Eastern Seaboard during the weekends is a popular option.


UCDC is housed in the UC Washington Center, a modern 11-story complex located on Scott Circle across the Beacon Hotel. It is not far from the Washington Metro stations (specifically Dupont Circle , Farragut West , and Farragut North ). At five blocks away from the White House , it is centrally located and convenient for students. Nearby neighborhoods include: Georgetown, Dupont Circle, and Adam’s Morgan.

The Center offers accommodations for undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty. Each suite consists of two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, kitchen and living room. The suites come fully stocked with kitchen and cookware. The Center also hosts a fitness center, mail room, computer lab, study rooms, reading halls, recreational room, patio, and a large lobby.

The Center also hosts the office of the UC Office of Federal Governmental Relations , which represents the University of California at the federal level. The UC Washington Center is also involved in an educational and mentoring partnership with the Ross Elementary School.

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