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Spherion is a North American temporary work agency [1] [2] headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia , which operates under a variety of brand names . [1]


Spherion was first known as City Car Unloaders, Chicago [3] company created by Leroy Dettman in 1946. [1]

Spherion INITIALLY Placed manual laborers in temporary jobs loading cargo . [3] Filling temporary clerk jobs was a service the company only later added. [3]

By 1978, the firm was doing business as Personal Pool of America, Inc., and was acquired by H & R Block. Citation needed ] In 1991, H & R Block acquired Interim Systems Corporation and combined it with Personal Pool, creating a larger staffing services firm. Citation needed ]

In 1992, the company changed its name to Interim Services Inc., and was spun off by H & R Block in 1994. citation needed ] Interim acquired a number of other companies over the next few years. Citation needed ]

The company changed its name to Spherion in 2000. citation needed ]

The company was acquired by Randstad Holding in July 2011. [4]


Spherion has done business under a variety of brand names . The Following brands are more or less current: Emerging Workforce, [1] The Mergis Group, [1] [2] [5] SFN Group, [1] Sourceright Solutions [1] [2] [6] Spherion, [1 ]Spherion Recruitment Process Outsourcing, [1] Spherion Staffing Services [2] Tatum [2] [7] Technisource [1] [2] [8] and Today’s Office Professionals. [1] [2]


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