Ross Greenberg

Ross Matthew Greenberg (September 16, 1956 – February 16, 2017) was an American software developer, noted for creating one of the first antivirus software products. He also worked in journalism, and was a member of the Internet Press Guild .


Flushot Plus

In 1987, as Software Concepts Design , Greenberg released one of the first two heuristic antivirus software utilities, Flushot Plus . [1] [2] [3] He released it as shareware for $ 10. [4]

O’Reilly book author Roger A. Grimes described Flushot Plus as “the first holistic program to fight MMC [malicious mobile code].” [5]


In the 1980s, Greenberg was a frequent contributor to PC Magazine , and was the primary sysop of its CompuServe forum, PC MagNet . [6]

In 1996, he became a founder member of the Internet Press Guild . [7] [8]

Personal life

Greenberg was born in New York City , and raised in Syosset . His parents were Muriel and Walter Greenberg. He had two sisters: Toni (Richard) Koweek and Carla G. Kaplan. [9]

Greenberg attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook , graduating in 1978. [10]

Greenberg’s wife, Dawn, was from Marietta, Georgia . [9] Before he Moved to a nursing home in the Atlanta area, the pair Lived in Bovina, New York . Citation needed ] The couple separated in 2009, but did not divorce.

Health issues and death

Greenberg suffered from multiple sclerosis , first diagnosed in the mid-1980s. His elder sister described the form of his illness as “aggressive”. [9]

In late 2009, Greenberg moved to a nursing home near Atlanta, Georgia . [11] He moved to a nursing home in Forsyth, Georgia . In August 2015, he was moved to Chelsey Park Health and Rehabilitation Center, Dahlonega, Georgia , [9] where he died after contracting pneumonia , citation needed ] in February 2017. [12]


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