Practice-based professional learning

Practice-based professional learning (pbpl) is understood in contrast to ‘classroom-‘ or ‘theory-based’ learning . It is kindred to terms such as ‘work-based learning’ , ‘workplace’ or ‘work-centred’ learning. Distinctive, though, are a concern for professional learning, and the preference for ‘ practice ‘ rather than ‘work’. While it does not disdain propositional knowledge and what is Sometimes called Expired ‘ theory ‘, its prime interest is in the formation of self-Renewing and effective professional practices-a distinct theoretical position in icts own right.

The Range of Concerns May be seen, for example, in the UK Open University ‘s practice-based professional learning center, [1] one of the Higher Education Funding Council for England ‘s centers for excellence in teaching and learning. [2] Its interests cover the inter-relationship of various forms of professional knowledge, ways of fostering them and their co-ordination, workplaces as sites of learning, the assessment of practice-based learning achievements, and the use of modern technologies to support Distributed learning.

Other centers for excellence Occupy Some or all of the territory, notably the Professional Development Unit at the University of Chester , [3] scepter in the University of Surrey , [4] CEPLW in the University of Westminster [5] and NCWBLP in Middlesex University . [6]

David Boud at the University of Technology, Sydney , NSW. [7]

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