Extreme Blue

Extreme Blue is IBM’s first internship program for both graduate and undergraduate students ; IBM employment due to the significant effort put into placement of the interns.


Extreme Blue was created in 1999 by Jane Harper. Citation needed ] It was at the Lotus Software site in Cambridge, Massachusetts . In 2003, Extreme Blue participants filed 98 patents . [1]

In 2007, 10,000 applications were received for 92 positions in the US; Over 10,000 students applied for 220 positions worldwide. At the 2008 National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) award ceremony, the UK Extreme Blue program received the “Over 250 Employees – short term placement” award. [2] In 2009, according to Extreme Blue Manager, over 10,000 applications were received for fewer than 50 US positions. Citation needed ]

Since its inception, the program has expanded to include 15 active international locations. Citation needed ]

Former IBM CEO Samuel J. Palmisano , now chairman at the Extreme Blue in 2009


Extreme Blue uses IBM engineers, interns, and business managers to develop new products and services. Each summer an Extreme Blue team also works on a project. These projects involve rapid prototyping of high-profile software and hardware projects. Publicly released projects include the following:

  • AmalgamR (2009) amalgamates social information from multiple sources, including Twitter, and displays and timely group-based information. [3]
  • BreadCrumbs (2009) is an iPhone application that scans grocery food barcodes and provides consumers information such as ingredients, manufacturing history, and product recall alerts with the use of food traceability servers . [4]
    Malaria Clinic in Tanzania help for an Extreme Blue project
  • SMS for Life (2009) fights malaria in Africa by using cell phones, texting and web mapping technology to track and manage antimalarial drugs . [5] [6] [7]
  • ExSEL (2007) is an end-to-end marketing tool that provides a virtual tour and allows virtual interactions with the exhibits in the IBM Solutions Experience Lab . [8]
  • SiSi S ay I t S ign I t (2007) converts from spoken English Directly into British Sign Language qui est Then signed by an animated digital character or avatar. [9] [10]
  • IBM Peridot (2004) checks web sites for broken links and assist in updating them. IBM, and the student inventors, have two patents ( US 7290131 and US application 20040267726 ) on this technology. [11] [12] [13] [14]
  • GameGrid (2003) created a computing distributed MMOG based on open-source release of the id Software’s Quake 2 first-person shooter . [15] [16]

Laboratory locations

North America

In 2004, there were 44 Extreme Blue teams in North America. [17] In 2002, there were 101 interns in North America from 42 schools. [18]

  •  IBM Almaden Research Center located in San Jose, California, USA (2000-current)
    • 4 teams in 2009
  •  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA [19] (1999-2004)
    • Debut location of Extreme Blue [19]
    • Did not host EB in 2001. [19]
  •  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (2002-current)
    • Started 2002 [20]
    • Lab manager:
      • (2006-current) Ross Grady
  •  Austin, Texas, USA [21] (2001-current)
    • Started 2001
    • Lab manager:
      • (2015-current) Marjean Fieldhouse
    • Technical lead:
      • (2015-current) Matthew Glover
  •  Montreal , Quebec , Canada [22]
  •  Ottawa , Ontario , Canada
  •  Toronto , Ontario, Canada

South America

  •  São Paulo, Brazil


  •  Beijing, China
  •  Bangalore, India (2004-?)
    • Started in 2004 with 9 students in 2 teams [23]
  •  Delhi, India (2010-current) citation needed ]
    • Started in 2010 and is currently active. Citation needed ]
  •  IBM Haifa Research Laboratory located in Haifa, Israel [24]


  •  Dublin, Ireland
  •  Cork, Ireland
  •  Böblingen, Germany
    • 3 teams in 2002 [25]
  •  Brussels, Belgium [26]
  •  Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •  Uithoorn, Netherlands [25]
  •  La Gaude, France
  •  Hursley, United Kingdom
  •  Zürich, Switzerland [25]
  •  Rome, Italy


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