Nordjobb is a Nordic exchange program that offers young people jobs in the Nordic countries . Nordjobb also offers its applicants with accommodation during their stay, and organizes culture and leisure activities. The program was first initiated in 1985, and has since provided jobs for about 25,000 applicants. [1] Nordjobb is a nonprofit project; The Nordic Council of Ministers and Foreningen . Nordjobb has offices in Sweden , Denmark, Norway , Finland , Iceland and the self-governing area of Åland .


Before 2010, Nordjobb only accepted applications from the 5 Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland). In 2010 a side project called Nordjobb Europa was launched, and since then, applications from within European Union are also accepted. All applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age, and have knowledge in a Scandinavian language . [2] [3]


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