Mildred Edie Brady

Mildred Edie Brady (June 3, 1906 – July 27, 1965) Was a freelance writer for The New Republic who is mostly Known for writing the May 26, 1947 Article The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich [1] (with the subhead, “The man Who REPRIMANDS Both neuroses and cancer is unsatisfactory sexual activities has-been repudiated by only one scientific paper “) about psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich ‘s controversial” cosmic energy “research.

Writings on Reich

Wilhelm Reich had been a lecturer in psychology at the New School for Social Research , after having been invited to teach there in 1939. [2] Brady was curious about his orgone accumulator and its purported ability to concentrate orgone energy. In 1947 Brady approached Reich for an interview at his home in Forest Hills, Queens . [2] She intended to gain evidence to portray Reich as a conductor of a confidence trick , but did not get any special information from her visit. [2] Shortly thereafter Brady wrote two articles arguing that Reich was engaged in dangerous behavior. [2] In her first article, She wrote that he engaged in a Bohemian lifestyle . [2] In her second article, she attributed the claim to orgone accumulators increase orgastic potency. [2]

Brady wrote: “Orgone, named after the sexual orgasm , is, according to Reich, a cosmic energy. It is, in fact, the cosmic energy. – Orgonon , Maine-after it. Here he builds accumulators of it, which are rented out to patients, who presumably derive ‘ orgastic potency ‘ from it. ” [1]

Brady argued that the “growing Reich cult” had to be dealt with. [3] Reich came to believe that Brady was a Stalinist acting under orders from the Communist Party, a “communist sniper,” as Reich called her. [4]

The article’s reception contributes to a downturn of Reich’s reputation which ultimately led to his conviction and imprisonment.

Personal life

She was married to Robert A. Brady , with whom she had a daughter, Joan Brady (born 1939).

After the beginning of World War II Brady and her husband worked for the Office of Price Administration . [2] Brady and her husband were with Consumers Union as their editor and senior reporter of Consumer Reports . [5] She dated Dexter Masters . [6] She died of a heart attack.

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