Mike Bond

Mike Bond is a best-selling American novelist, ecologist, and human rights journalist , and poet.

Bond has been called the “master of the existential thriller” by the BBC and “one of the 21st century’s most exciting authors” by the Washington Times. [1] A bestselling novelist, environmental activist, advisor to US and foreign governments, international energy expert, war and human rights correspond and award-winning poet, he has lived and worked in many remote, dangerous parts of the world, including 30 countries On six continents. [2]

He Was a match for The Financial Times newsletters in Paris from 1990 to 1998, and HAS Reported For Many newspapers Including The Dallas Morning News (12/26/1983) The San Francisco Chronicle (4/26/1999) The Denver Post (9/13/2001), and The Oregonian (12/08/1983. He was also the co-anchor of the PBS news program European Journal in 1987, produced by Deutsche Welle in Cologne, Germany.

Bond was a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in Montana in 1982, and served in Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential Campaign as head of Colorado Business Leaders for Gore and Colorado, Utah, and Oregon for Gore environmental positions.

He has been a Democratic candidate for the US Senate from Montana, was a project manager of several Wild and Scenic River and National Wildlife Refuge master plans; Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine; Montana’s Lee Metcalf Wilderness and California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area; Fought elephant poaching in Africa; Managed the NASA / AIA project to design part of the orbiting space station; And helped write the Colorado Wolf Management Plan. A training anchor for the PBS new program European Journal, he was also Paris Energy correspondent for the Financial Times.

As a human rights journalist Bond has covered death squads and military dictatorships in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. He has also written widely on environmental issues including elephant slaughter and species decline in Africa, worldwide habitat loss, whales, wolves, seals, and many other endangered species, renewable energy and climate change.

The former CEO of an international energy company, he has served as an advisor to more than 70 of the world’s largest energy companies, led the 28-nation task force that united the Soviet Union’s grid with Western Europe’s Climate change, renewable energy and utility siting and operation.

Bond has hiked more than 50,000 miles-twice the circumference of the earth – in North and South America, New Zealand, Mongolia, Russia, Africa, Spain and France. In the dying days of the Algerian revolution, Bond took off at age 19 on foot across the Sahara, experiencing the euphoria and terror of wandering across the blazing, uncharted desert mountains from Tamanrasset to Timbuktu. After racking up long mileages in Africa, the Himalayas, and other rentals, he now prefers a leisurely 25-miles-a-day stroll in the Alps or Andes.

Bond now works in environmental battles worldwide, and is a leader in the fight against industrial wind turbines and their desecration of our last natural areas. He has written and spoken internationally on the failure of wind projects to lower greenhouse gas emissions or fossil fuel use, and on their devastating environmental, social and fiscal impacts.

His works have been widely praised. The BBC HAS Referred to _him_ as the “master of the existential thriller” citation needed ] and Publishers Weekly Praised _him_ as a writer of “deft thriller”. Citation needed ] Kirkus called Mike’s book, HOUSE OF JAGUAR “A high-octane story rife with action, from US streets to Guatemalan jungles.” [3] Bond bases his works on his own experiences in war zones, revolutions, and dangerous regions in many foreign countries during his years as a journalist. He has more recently worked on international issues relating to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism , the subject of his latest novel,


  • 1985 Fire Like The Sun (St. Martin’s / Marek, New York)
  • 1990 The Insider’s Guide to Kenya (CFW Publications, Hong Kong), Nonfiction
  • 1992 The Insider’s Guide to Mexico (CFW Publications, Hong Kong), Nonfiction
  • 1992 The Ivory Hunters (Hodder Headline, London)
  • 1993 Night of the Dead (Hodder Headline, London)
  • 1994 Crossfire (Hodder Headline, London)
  • 2012 Saving Paradise (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2013 The Last Savanna (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2013 House of Jaguar (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2014 Holy War (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2014 Tibetan Cross (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2015 Killing Maine (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)
  • 2016 Assassins (Mandevilla Press, Connecticut)


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