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People Ready , based in Tacoma, Washington , is an American temporary employment agency that specializes in the construction industry, and light industry. People Ready est share of TrueBlue [2] qui aussi includes PLC, [3] Spartan Staffing, [4] Plane Techs, [5] and Centerline Drivers. [6] TrueBlue is a public company , NYSE : TBI .

Founded in 1989 in Kent, Washington by Glenn Welstad and two partners, People Ready has approximately 600 locations in all 50 US states and Canada .

Safety record

Company records indicate around 10,000 workers (roughly 1.6% of more than 600,000 workers) are injured at work every year. [7] According to a 2002 report by the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department, Labor Ready employees are injured at three times the US national average rate. Every year, 25% of Labor Ready employees are injured. [8]

Misclassification of workers

Labor Ready has been under fire for misclassifying workers (for example, as clerical rather than construction), which has resulted in the company paying less money (and in some states, nothing at all) . It has also been alleged that this conduct is systematic and intentional. [7] [9]

Name change

In 2007, the parent corporation was renamed TrueBlue, Inc. to reflect the company’s expanding family of brands. It changes its corporate headquarters web address to , and its stock ticker to TBI. Labor Ready remains TrueBlue’s flagship brand.

Other brands under TrueBlue include CLP , Spartan Staffing , PlaneTechs , TransTechs , Centerline , Seaton , SMX , Staff Management , and Peoplescout .


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