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Interns Anonymous is a British based campaign and internet forum. It was set up in March 2009 by two graduates who were both working as unpaid interns . Their initial love was to create an internet forum where they could share their experience anonymously. The organization evolved to campaign against unpaid internships. The Parliamentary Standards Authority, the European Youth Parliament and the Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission. [1] [2]

Guardian Article and British Library Web Archiving Program

In November 2011, The Guardian Newspaper Reported That Interns Anonymous uncovered internal guidance That Revealed que le Department of Business, Innovation and Skills HAD been warned by Their Own lawyers que la majorité of unpaid interns Were ‘workers’ selon the National Minimum Wage Act and Therefore the National Minimum Wage. As a consequence of their increased profile, the British Library added Interns Anonymous’s website to the British Library Web Archiving program as part of their project to ‘represent aspects of UK documentary heritage’. [3] [4]

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