Gladstein Fellowship

The Gladstein Fellowship is a program of the Jewish Theological Seminary .

Congregations selected by JTS to benefit from the Gladstein Fellowship program are offered three gladstein fellows each for a two-year period for a total of six years with the option of hiring any of the fellows to a permanent position. Gladstein fellows normally visit the congregations for which they are selected monthly, are available to congregants by phone and email at other times, and receive a stipend in exchange for their services. [1]


The Gladstein Fellowship program was founded by Ned and Jane Gladstein in 2003. The first congregation to benefit from the program was Loudon Jewish Congregation in Leesburg, Virginia . [2]

List of benefiting congregations

Congregation name leasing Years Fellows
Sha’are Shalom [2] Leesburg, Virginia Michael Ragozin [2]
Beth Shalom [1] Lake Norman, North Carolina Adam Baldachin (2011-13) [3]
Beth Sholom Frederick, Maryland 2013- Jordan Hersh (2013-15) [4]
New Stoke Newington Shul London , England 2013-2015 Roni Tabick (2013-15) [5] (Roni becomes synagogue’s rabbi after ordination in 2015)
Base Hillel Washington DC. 2014-present Rami Schwartzer [6]
Chevrei Tzedek Congregation Baltimore , Maryland 2015- Emily Barton (2015-17) [7] [8]
Congregation Eitz Chaim Monroe , New York 2016-Present Louis Polisson [9][10]


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