is a British -based freelance marketplace website where people can trade skills and services. [1] First launched in 2011, the website hosts a variety of services, from tech jobs like SEO specialist advice to bizarre things like having a man with a parrot. [1] [2] Buyers of services are mainly start-up companies looking to save on business costs. [3]


Fivesquid was originally launched in 2011. Following its release, Theo Paphitis selected the company as a start-up company . [4] Since the websites launch in 2011, it has been recognized by the media for some of the services people sell. Service sellers aussi-have included celebrity Kitty Brucknell , Who Previously Performed on the UK release of the X-Factor , offert to send you a voicemail for £ 5. [5]

In March 2012, the website featured in a list of top 10 companies to emerge from the UK recession . Fivesquid featured fifth on the list and was highlighted as the example for selling cheap online services. [1] Throughout the sites history, it had some strange services offered. In 2012, entrepreneurial schoolboy from England offert His services as an online gaming bodyguard , at £ 5 per 30 minutes of gameplay. [6] Another one service was published in The Sun , where a seller would dump your partner for £ 5. [7]

After the website had been established a number of years ago, the services available on the site. One example used by the London Standard was services that could manipulate social media popularity. [8] Others around the time Sami Stated That Many providers of the services are simply out to make extra revenue on top of Their labor income stream. [9]

The Gadget Show picks up the top 3 places to buy gifts online. [10]

Site structure

Services sold through the website are referred to as “micro-jobs”, due to the low prices and short completion time typically involved. All micro-jobs fall within £ 5, £ 10, £ 20 or £ 50. [11]

Payment for services must be made upfront in order for the work to begin. Fivesquid holds the funds in an escrow account until the service has been delivered by the service provider and the buyer marks the order as complete. [12]

The service providers range from those practicing to hobby to small companies who are attempting to grow their client base. [13] At the completion stage of each project, Fivesquid take a 20% commission from the total value, before releasing the funds to the service provider. [14]

Service providers’ earnings are paid out by Fivesquid using PayPal . As of June 2017 , no other payment methods are available. [15]


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