Dynamy, Inc. is a “residential internship program” in the United States. [1] It was founded in 1969 as an experiential educational organization based in Worcester, Massachusetts . [2]


Dynamy strives to challenge, support, and empower young adults from 17-22 to find their mission in life during a Gap year . The group provides programs of internship and mentoring that help participants gain confidence, leadership skills and a sense of responsibility to their fellow man. Dynamy tried to start a branch in Santa Rosa, California in 2005-2006, [3] but it never opened.

Dynamy Internship Year

A nine-month residential commitment that includes the following elements: [4]

  • An 18-day [3] wilderness experience conducted by Outward Bound where each person learns to adapt to a new environment, makes friends and gains self-confidence.
  • (3) 9-week unpaid internships chosen from 200 possibilities in business, government, social service, charitable organizations, etc.
  • Independent living (with other interns) where each person learns the normal routines and responsibilities of adulthood in Dynamy-owned apartments.
  • Service to the community is an important part of life; Interns work with Dynamy staff to organize and execute projects that make a difference.
  • The Seminar option permits interns to earn 12 hours of college credit at Clark University by participating in reading, writing and weekly discussions.
  • Advisors and individual interns meet frequently for one-on-one discussions about decisions, successes, goals, experiences and problems. Weekly meetings with the entire group are also held.

Most participants have graduated from high school, but college freshmen and sophomores can benefit. More than 85% of the students who complete the internship continue their education, with many seeking an advanced degree. [6]

Dynamy Youth Academy

The program, founded in 1989, is limited to 60 low income students (15 incoming freshmen each year) from the Worcester public schools. The following selected characteristics of the following characteristics:

  • Immigrants, socially isolated, low income
  • Non-English speaking homes or multi-lingual
  • First generation college potential
  • Parents did not graduate from high school [7]

The aim of this course is to provide students with a high level of support and motivation to participate in the course. Dynamy internship. Full scholarships to the Colleges of Worcester Consortium are available to academy graduates. The academy was formerly the John S. Laws Institute . [8]


Dynamic relies on financial support from private individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations. Beginning in 2006, the academy program in Worcester was partially funded by the United Way of Central Massachusetts. Alumni, parents and friends are especially important, both for Dynamy vision and others.


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