Community Scholars, Inc.

Community Scholars is a non-profit organization established in El Paso, Texas . The youth leadership development program hires high school sophomores / juniors and college students to study public policy and economic development topics in the Paso del Norte Region. The program offers paid internships to students academically Who rank in the top 20 percent In Their Class and Who Demonstrated also have a record of academic rigor and community services .

By Offering paid internships , the organization seeks to address El Paso’s ” brain drain ,” and begin to Attract young talent back to Their hometown to help move the community forward. IngentaConnect down arrow down arrow down arrow logo. Topics: Focus on the areas of healthcare , education , workforce development , infrastructure , transportation and any other issue that is affecting the region. [4]

El Paso. The El Paso Institute for Economic Policy and Development. The report was received negatively by local financial and business institutions, including the chambers of commerce and some of the University of Texas at El Paso’s business department professors. [5]


The organization has received constant criticism for its reliance on local schools to provide a majority of its funding. [6] It is a good idea to have a leadership role. The organization reports back to the districts on an annual basis to allow participants in the program to discuss the impact the internship experience had had on them. [2] [7] [8]


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