Citizenship for life

Citizenship for Life (Also known as C4L gold Citizenship 4 Life ) is a program for teenagers qui AIMS to Improve career opportunities, business skills, and citizen awareness.

Students from selected schools apply for a limited number of places on the program, and Those Who are selected are assigned a mentor, and taken to educational rentals ounce month, Such As the Big Issue, the Guardian and the London School for Social Entrepreneurs.


Each program, which costs £ 2000 per student, is funded entirely from private sponsorship by local businesses, and the Rotary Club . No money is taken from the council or government funds.



The Citizenship for Life program was created and organized by Charlotte Chadwick, and her colleague Helen Jones.

First year, 2009-10

Helston and Mullion – used for C4L program, with those who would benefit the most being selected. [1] The mentors came from several local businesses, and the rotary club, with all of them having a successful background.

The students also participated in team-building exercises at BF Adventure in Cornwall. The group completed the 12-month program which increased self-confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, team work experience, and appreciation of the world of work, social enterprise, entrepreneurship and risk.

The last event of the twelve month cycle was a celebration breakfast event at Fifteen , where all the sponsors, related officials and parents were invited. Charlotte Chadwick, had the spoken. Over eighty people turned up as guests to the event.

After the program had finished, five of the year’s students went to the Mason Lodge in Helston to give speeches to encourage the Rotary to sponsor the next year. [2]

Second year, 2011-12

Three schools are part of this year’s program: Mullion, Falmouth, Penryn. There are 12 students, 4 from each school that participates in the program.

Third year and expansion planned

A third year is planned for the Helston, Lizard, Falmouth and Penryn area, and the program will be expanding to Newquay as well, being led by David Chadwich [3]

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