Aquent is a staffing company specialized in placing temporary employees in marketing and creative industries. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, it is among the “largest marketing / creative staffing firms in the United States”. [2]


Harvard College students John Chuang, Mia Wenjen and Steve Kapner in 1986 founded a typesetting business called Laser Designs from their Harvard dorm. [1] [3] [4] The business Grew And They added temporary staffing related to Mac training as An Offering and called Expired MacTemps it. [1] MacTemps grew, adding non-Mac as well as permanent placements. With MacTemps no longer reflecting the business, they changed their name to Aquent, intended to mean “not a follower” in Latin. [5]

The company has grown substantially and entered into new business areas through acquisitions.

The company saw a drop in revenue in 2001 in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble with income dropping in 2001 compared to 2000. [6] To counter the drop off in business, Aquent acquired Renaissance Worldwide Inc., a IT consultancy and staffing Firm, for $ 106 million. [6] Acknowledgments. [6] The deal permitted by the company. [6] The acquisition of Renaissance also included a municipal and state government IT consulting subsidiary, which was initially planned for EOne Global for $ 45 million. [7]

In 2003 the company made a hostile takeover offer for Computer Horizons Corporation, a computer network services company with a staffing business segment. [8] Aquent through ict investment banker Robert W. Baird & Co. HAD INITIALLY Approached Computer Horizon’s management on April 3, 2013 with an invitation to have dinner, qui Was rejected by Bill Murphy, the President and CEO of Computer Horizons. [9] Aquent then proceeded to launch a cash tender offer on April 14, 2013 that valued Computer Horizons at $ 154 million. [9] This proposal was opposed by management and in May the offer was rejected. [9]

Aquent Acquired Corporate Project Resources Inc. (CPRi), a staffing agency for marketing jobs, in 2005 for $ 25 million and renamed it Aquent Marketing Staffing while keeping its operations in Chicago. [10]


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