Act One, Inc.

Act One, Inc. is a Christian , non-profit organization established in January 1999 by Barbara Nicolosi . [1] [2] A training program for aspiring filmmakers, Act One provides in-class instruction from professionals, internships, and practical experience. The program is divided into two branches: the Writing Program (with several advanced thirds for mentorship-driven workshops) and the Executive Program, which trains students in the development and production side of the business. Both programs typically take place side by side in the summer.

Act One is located on Beachwood Drive in Hollywood , California .


Summer 2009 Act One students

Act One was formed in January 1999 as an educational outreach to writers of the Christian Fellowship Inter-Mission; Initial funding was provided by the Stratford Foundation . A group of Hollywood professionals came together with Act One’s first class in hopes of passing on their experience. According to their promotional material, Act One’s goal is not to produce explicitly religious entertainment, but movie and TV projects that respect and serve the global audience.

Act One was first stationed at Hollywood Presbyterian Church before relocating to their current location on Beachwood Drive.


Writing Program for Screen and Television

The Writing Program was created in the same year as Act One, and until 2009 was an intensive one-month course devoted to teaching the rigors of screenwriting; A TV trackerwas added in 2002, allowing a select group of writers to participate in a mockup of a real television writer’s room.

Faculty Instructor Dean Batali Making a point at a writer’s meeting, July 2009

Producing and Entertainment Executive Program

The 14-month Certificate Program provides students with a strong foundation in producing for mainstream screen and television, and prepares them for entry-level careers in the entertainment industry, which focus on becoming a producer or entertainment executive. Students in the 14-month Certificate Program in a holistic approach to the development of physical education. The 14-Month Certificate Program with the Producinhg Seminar, then an eight-week internship with a Producing Workshop. The Producer’s Spiritual Journey runs concurrently and rounds out the program.


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